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Between homemade and handcrafted our little menu is entirely made by small hands.


Bio applejuice from the market, syrups from our Sirop Hop Hop friend, homemade ice tea and other specialities 


Draft beers come from BFM and good old Juscht's and bottled ones come straight from Le Fou du Roi's mountain


Le Château de Denens and La Cantina in Fribourg guide us for the wines.


Any kind of moment specials are likely to garnish the drinks menu

For a happy stomach, La Coutellerie proposes a daily veggie menu mainly made with unsold products, depending on the season and whatever inspiration the cooks came up with.


No chief in the kitchen, each cook is free to let go his talent in the fashion he/she desires. Hence menus can vary a lot, the only guideline being the will to use bio and local products, most of which would otherwise end in the trash.


To make it possible, we are happy to count on wonderful bio market gardeners, such as
Mr. Gfeller, who allows an exchange system and the offering of some unsold products.

Let yourself be surprised!

Free price is a simple alternative to usual consumption.

By choosing the price of food, drinks and activities the client is allowed to question him/herself on the value of what is presented, keeping in mind his/her own financial possibilities.

« Free price » doesn't mean « given ». It is a way to adapt to each person visiting La Coutellerie. We wish that by clarifying our process, it will be understood and respected by everyone and that customers' individual conscience will permit us not to loose money.


La Coutellerie exists thanks to
to the generosity of a few wonderful people:

who rents this magnificent house to us on terms that allow us to experiment and dream.

La Coutellerie is also inhabited by the association RES'IST ICI, which manages the residences on the upper floor of the house. It is she who defines the times available for meetings, to contact here:

who gives us vegetables every week in exchange for helping to dismantle his stand at the market.

The infokiosk is run by Angle d'attaque, which can be reached here:

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